About Lenda

Hi! Welcome to All Things Lenda, my sanctuary. I am honored to have you here and am flattered my content intrigued you. I started this project back in 2018 as part of my self-discovery journey. Nowadays, self-help is a blooming industry and is worth billions of dollars. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t, because everyone should always be investing in reinventing themselves. I discovered the magical world of personal growth – “self-help” – in early 2017 and since, the universe has not stopped in conspiring to help me. So I wanted to document everything!

This project started as a way to document the plain, boring, meaningless thoughts that continued to rent space in my head on a daily. By expressing them on paper – online – I’m able to acknowledge their presence, give them significance and then gently let them go. If I am able to do so, I’m nurturing self-growth, I’m loving myself. This project also derived from fear. As I walked on my self-discovery journey, I discovered how much fear I lived with every day of my life, and it isn’t fun, NO! So, while I’m tapping away at my keyboard, I thought it’d be perfect to challenge myself every day, every month, every half a year, or every year. I wanted to challenge myself and share my experiences with everyone, because I learned we aren’t alone even if we’d like to believe so. The fears I face on a daily are real and not only are they real for me, they’re also real for other people.

One of the first challenge I took was taking selfies for 30 days with or without make-up. It may sound like a ridiculous fear, but it was fear. I did not realize how much I feared the camera. I did not understand how some friends or families can pick up their phones, look into the front camera with their double chins sticking out and smile happily into the camera. However, after 30 days of trying it out and sharing it with the world – my small circle of friends and families on Facebook – I felt a load of confidence. I was okay if the world saw my bare face with acne scars, wrinkles, etc. I was okay, and feeling okay felt a hundred times better than feeling scared.

So, as I continue to embark and document new and profound knowledge or challenges, I’d like you to get to know me a little.  According to an evaluation I’ve completed, I am:

  • Reserved or restrained
  • Fear aggressive or superficial interactions/relationships
  • Considerate
  • Conscientious
  • Tactful
  • Rigid
  • Guarded/Shy
  • Meticulous

Among this list, it’s essential that you understand I am a shy introvert. Why include the adjective shy if I’m introverted? Well because being an introvert is different from being shy and I happen to be both. I do want to clarify that it is not something I am ashamed of. I enjoy my afternoons alone; I enjoy my evenings alone; I enjoy one hour long coffee chats with friends, but I need time to rejuvenate and to process the day alone. It doesn’t mean I hate people, as a matter of fact, I love meeting new people. There is something about the opportunity to create new and lasting first impressions that captivates me. There is a caveat, because I am shy, you’ll have to say hi first and since you are here, I’m going to take that as a hi. So welcome again and enjoy my page!

Much love,