I’m Going Cold Turkey!

“The thing is, if you want something to change, you must first make a change”.   – Unknown

Wow, where did January go!? It only feels like yesterday when I was afraid of picking up a camera and taking a selfie but already we are visiting February. Thirty days ago, this year, I committed to taking a selfie challenge–one selfie a day–to help myself be comfortable with being in front of a camera and being comfortable seeing myself in photos. Now that the challenge is up, I’d like to tackle a new challenge but before that I’d like to share the results from my ‘one selfie a day challenge’.

Psychologist have noted, it only takes approximately 21 days to get rid of a nasty habit but 21 days definitely sound looooooooooong and discouraging. However, I will tell you there is no better feeling after those 21 days than knowing you’ve overcome your greatest and most challenging habit(s). I’m not suggesting you start off with your most challenging habit but to take small steps. Nitpick the trivial habits which eat away your energy and most importantly your time. Start small, because when you see the big results at the end you will more than likely return to tackle other BIGGER and ‘BADDER‘ habits.

If there was a phobia for taking selfies (which there probably is and I would not be surprise), that’d be mine! My phobia would be named: “Take-A-Selfbia“. In my first blog, I mentioned how fearful and uncomfortable I was with taking selfies. I avoided at all cost mirrors, reflections of myself, and especially avoided taking photos of myself. I had a huge problem with seeing myself, which was a huge problem I needed to get rid of. Therefore I started the selfie challenge. I was committed to taking one selfie a day for the next 30 days. I will say that although I wasn’t completely successful in taking all 30 photos, I was however successful in overcoming my fear of taking selfies. What helped? Facebook! Thanks to Facebook for allowing me to put out selfies despite how uncomfortable and anxious I was with sharing with the entire world how I looked–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once I shared my photo, I knew there was no other way out. I could delete the photo but it has been seen so that would have been pointless.  For that particular reason I continued to share my selfies on Facebook. I successfully took about one third of the 30 selfies I was committed to–although I only remembered to post about 15 of them on Facebook.

If you ask me today how I feel about taking a selfie, I’d gladly unlock my iPhone and snap one! Taking on this challenge has helped me tremendously in being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’ve learned to overcome my Take-A-Selbia (phobia of taking selfies) and am thankful I took on this challenge. I would also encourage you to do the same if you struggle with the same phobia I had. I am hopeful in taking on other small challenges to overcome destructive habits in my life because I’ve seen and experience the relief and comfort from completing a 30 day challenge!

For this month, February, I am going to take on a new challenge: cutting back on my sugar intake, if not stopping entirelyIf you’ve ever heard of the phrase ‘cold turkey‘ it is typically referenced to quitting an additive substance abruptly which can cause physical or mental breakdowns. My wish would be to stop sugar intake cold turkey, however, I’m a huge addict when it comes to consuming sugar and I know the consequences if I were to take on such a big challenge. I’m not saying I am not going to take on the challenge, what I’m saying is I will have to sip on some Starbucks at least once a week if I’m hoping to stay sane. I’ve heard all the health benefits to cutting back on processed sugar and I look forward to sharing with all of you my experience at the end of this month! Oh, and while I’m at it, I might as well challenge myself to increase my water intake. Currently I probably drink less than 2 standard water bottles a day, which I know is extremely harmful to my health. My goal is to intake at least 5 or more bottles but not too much that I’ll drown myself. Hopefully this will help me to use the restroom more often, be more hydrated, and look more alive. I dare all of you to join me!

Best of luck!


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